How to Make Your Kids’ Lunches Healthier


Kids today are exposed to too many sugar-rich foods which contribute to their bad health. Parents should be cautious about what their children are eating on a daily basis, so as to avoid problems such as obesity and health problems later in life. It’s easy to buy packaged goods from the supermarket and stick them in their lunch boxes as an easy, hassle free means to pacify them, but the effects of this later in life will be harmful as they become addicted to sugar and fatty foods, and don’t understand the benefit of eating vitamin and fibre rich diets. There are plenty of ideas for healthy snacks for kids lunches around, all you have to do is a quick google search and hundreds of options will be available to you!

Sometimes it’s hard to pack lunches that are healthy and that kids will actually eat and feel satisfied with. Therefore snacks should be interesting, not simply an apple. If one child has an apple and the other has a chocolate bar, they are obviously going to resent you for not giving them the same as other kids.

Some good ideas for healthy snacks for kids lunches are dried fruits, crackers, hummus, fresh fruits such as bananas, wheat muffins, raw vegetables with a dip. There are countless ways we can make kids lunches healthier by substituting sugary foods to foods rich in fibre and vitamins. Simply choosing ingredients which are organic and unprocessed can make a huge difference too.

A great idea is to make healthy banana bread, so that your kid can still have something sweet but nutritious. Use whole wheat flour, mashed bananas, cinnamon, eggs, greek yoghurt and coconut oil to make a healthy version of banana bread that doesn’t include lots of sugar. That way, they can still enjoy a sweet treat while at the same time harnessing their energy for the day.